My life as a 12 year old

by , Thursday June 8, 2017
  My life as a 12 year old

my life as a 12 year old watching videos at night.

Dear People who are reading this

I have had a tough life as a 12 year old and i'm still facing challengers as a thirteen year old.

this is the toughest challenge yet as i have to recount as many of my memories as i can. that is a big challenge yet.

i hope you get what i mean as my life as a 12 year old.

this was one of my toughest years ever as i got into trouble alot. i watched videos in the middle of the night and my parents will always find out. i don't do it any more. i got caught 4 times, i don't have a phone and this year due to the forth time being severe, Christmas, my favourite time of the year, is cancelled.

my sister and i had a great time besides being grounded 4 times, watching funny videos and all.we got caught 6 times and still recovering. we're not allowed to do certain things still

this is a lesson to learn and do not follow this steps

your sincerly,


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