Winners of the Strange the Dreamer Competition

Winners of the Strange the Dreamer Writing Competition

Read the amazing stories from our winners!


Movellas launched this competition with Hodder Books in celebrating Laini Taylor's newest novel, Strange the Dreamer. There were many stories entered, but the entries that won are truly amazing, and this awesome author chose them herself. 


Thank you to everyone who participated! If you haven't heard anything of our 3 winning stories, they are well worth the read and, being based on the themes ever-present in Taylor's novel, they make for some thrilling reading too.


Our competition winners will all receive copies of Taylor's new book Strange the Dreamer, hot off the presses!


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The winners are... (drumroll please!)



1st Place

Artemis and Apollo are brother and sister - two halves of a whole. Artemis has always been the wild one, the dreamer, the adventurer. But her brother has been torn away from her by a vengeful mortal angry with the gods. The sun has gone down on earth and the world is plunged into darkness as Artemis rallies together the greatest hunters the world has ever seen to save her brother, the only person who ever truly understands her. But time is running out, and in a month's time Apollo will die, taking he rest of the world down with him. (Cover by NamesFromGraves)


Silver and Gold by Le Fox



2nd Place

Michel Salvatore is a boy saved by a benevolent Queen. A rags-to-riches narrative at first glance, Michel soon realises he had entered a court of gods at Her Majesty's behest, a feat of great honour to a mere mortal. He did not care for glory or all the others. For his hatred burns for them. 


Laws of Gods and Men by Jo Hernanto



3rd Place

 A poem written for the Strange the Dreamer competition. Poetry isn't my strong suit, but I wanted to do something new and decided to give it a try for the competition.


My Dreams by Risushi




Winners will be notified by email. Congrats and be sure to tell us all about the new book :)

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