June's Story of the Month

by , Monday June 5, 2017
June's Story of the Month

Our Story of the Month for June

We have a story for you to read, and it's not what you're expecting...



June has arrived and it's Summer now, a lovely time of the year no matter how you look at it. Perhaps you all have worked hard this Spring and now, amidst the sunniest time of the year, you have some free time for relaxation, contemplation, and you know, reading. This month's theme is mystery because while some secrets this month are being revealed, others remain a mystery and bring a sense of excitement to the season. Naturally gifted with working brains, we imagine you may all be thinking about some of these mysteries of life, and to distract you from the greater (and most likely, unanswerable) questions, we have a story for you that's drenched in mystery and conspiracy, where you can't always trust what your mind is telling you, and where the deepest secrets lie within.


The Story of the Month we're talking about is one of psychological warfare and if that's enough to pique your interest, we can only recommend that you read the first few chapters to see more of what we mean. This story takes you to a new world that, while being different, reminds of us an alternate paradigm that's possible when control and power meet manipulation and survival. Left wanting more details? Well, we can't give it all away and - like in all good mystery stories - the answers will be revealed.



Welcome to a world of conspiracy and psychological warfare as you've never seen it before.



June's Story of the Month

Fork Road by Midnight Rogue



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