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by , Saturday June 3, 2017

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   For years i've tried to write a book that honestly was formed from multiple role plays. Which were the center of my whole world at one point, even though they were writen with impropper grammar and we definitly didn't know how to be discriptive. I look back on some of them now and think "We thought we were the best writers in the world". We didn't care that we couldn't discribe things because in all honesty we some how just knew what the other person mean't. It's a huge challenge to go from role plays which are basically stories that you and some one make up as you go, to putting them into a full blown story. Espesically when you've always relied on the other person to reply to what you said in order to complete the role play. I don't think any one but my friend and I could ever write the story the way we want to because only we know the feelings that our "characters" felt and how they acted. But, at the same time, Im not the best at writing.

  Thats really all i have to say, I don't know why I wrote this, because I know no one will read it, but it was fun writing as if I had an audience.


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