Meeting Some Authors

by , Friday June 2, 2017
 Meeting Some Authors

So this year I met some authors and by god I was amazed.

Laini Taylor and Patrick Ness were delightful. 

I was fortunate enough that my city was popular for several authors who came to do talks and book signings.

First up was Laini Taylor, author of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. This was only a book signing so I couldn't have an in depth talk with her, especially since there were close to one hundred people queueing behind me. But she told me that it was the tenth anniversary of her bright pink hair and that it was the best decision for her because she was expressing her creativity. She also said that she preferred Britain over America but she may have been a bit biased since it was Britain that she was touring in. Oh and she mentioned that Movellas was a great site because it allowed for writers to come together and do what they love best - writing. Her work is just beautiful and aweinspiring, to be honest she was a bit humble about it and told me that it takes time and patience. 

Nevertheless I will be awaiting her next novel because the ending of Strange the Dreamer almost killed me.

(Bare in mind that I was a couple of days out of getting my wisdom teeth removed so I was a bit loopy while meeting with her.) 

Next up we had Patrick Ness who has written the Chaos Walking series and a Monster Calls. This one was more of a talk and a book signing so I had the opportunity to have a longer meeting with him. Maybe it's because I've already met him once before - back when I was doing my first Nanowrimo in 2015 - but I found him easier to talk to than Laini. 

He walked up to a cinema hall full with nearly 200 people and calmly introduced himself by saying, "I'm American and I'm gay so I don't have a clue about football." He had the whole cinema laughing especially since my city had won the premiership that day. 

He's so kind too, he interupted the question he was being asked and said to a mother trying to calm her screaming child in the back, "Don't worry, you're doing amazing, he's awesome. It's not bothering me, you're fine." That mother would have appreciated it so much.

Ness gave plenty of personal anecdotes, including being hit by a car when he was younger, how the perspectives of other people on that tragedy inspired his latest book Release, and he gave plenty of advice for us fellow writers. 

- "Write a story that you yourself would like to read. Not what you think would eventually be published. Not what you think the readers would want. Write what you want, make it personal, make it yours. No one thought that JK Rowling would write Harry Potter, but she did and she did it because she wanted to. Now 99% of you will know your Hogwarts house if I asked." (He's a proud Ravenclaw too!) 

- "Just go for it. Don't be scared of the blank page. If you want to plan it, do it, if you want to start from scratch at any point, go for it, if you take years to complete it, do it. The best reward is seeing the final page and knowing that you've done it." 

- "Be honest. Don't just paper over the truth. I used to work in a butchers shop and I would clean my hands until I bled. I look back now and wonder if I had a therapist, if I had someone to ask me if I was okay, if that would have helped me. Mental health and sexuality are important issues. But I couldn't just write a book on OCD, because that's all it would be and people are more than just their conditions, I wouldn't do it justice. If there's just one person who relates in the characters you write, who finds comfort in the characters, then that's important too." 

There was so much that I could write about meeting him but I think that will do. He signed my book with a message of "good luck with your writing" and he said hello to all of you writers on Movellas. 

I'm so lucky that authors have come to my town, especially since many have to travel to see the authors they love. In August I might have the pleasure of meeting with VE Schwab for the second time and maybe then I'll discuss the ending of A Conjuring of Light with her. We just need to sort out the train tickets to get to Edinburgh first. 


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