Quotes of life

by , Tuesday May 30, 2017
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Quotes of life

Words from the soul


Hello everyone and i bid you all welcome.

This my safe heaven of words, my little place of speaking from my sould and heart and be myself.

I love writing poems, qoutes and just words of wisdom as some friends of mine have named them.

And i truly hope that others can relate, but also not since many of them are about pain and sadness but also beauty in pain (:


"Others in pain i cannot stand, myself in pain to spare others? that i can take. Willing to sacrifice myself so that everyone are happy is just what i am, a caring soul with a motherly love towards the world. ideal world i wish, no pain, no sadness just peace and joy. that is what my soul is telling me."


But this blog is not just about that, it's about a soul's eyes and what it sees, feels, and breathes for...and also fun c;



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