Raise a glass to Freeeeedommmm

In a world, where people ship dead gay people...

there is no escape.

Rly, you can't escape the gay.

Uhm, okay, actually, I wanted to write this thing 'cause... Why the hell not?
I read my previous one, and... well, I don't wanna' delete it, but it's rly depressive. I'm not always like that. Only sometimes. Right now I'm feeling quite good, actually!
Probably beacue it's 11:50 PM here and I've been on Pinterest for hours.

Time zones are fucking weird man, like, how does it even work??
Ik, stupid question, it's cause the Sun is different in each continent.
I mean, it looks different.
It's at a different spot.
Fuck, I can't word myself right now.

That's why the title; when I reach this point, it's kinda' like I'm drunk.
Though I've never rly been drunk.
Fuck, why am I getting inspired for a novel in the middle of the night??

...Yes, I've been trying to write a nover for a while now.
No big deal.
It's just that every time that I get an idea, it's either never a full idea and I have holes that Idk how to fill in, or I lose interest before I could get into it further, or the best is when I start to write it and then get stuck and never figure out how to go on with it.
So yea.

I can alos sign 'The sotry of toghint' (that's how tired I am, for demonstration) pretty well I guess.
Fuck, I'm making so many typos now.

It's funny tho that I used to use a shit loads of exclamation marks and question marks and shit like that, and now sometimes I write together entire sentences without a comma or anything. Lol.

So, in conclusion, there's no moral to this story. Because why should a "drunk blog" have a moral anyways? Heh.

Wellp, bye then.
Have a great life!

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