Facts about me

by , Thursday May 25, 2017
 Facts about me

The cover is the questions I will be answering. 

If you want to know anything else about me let me know. :)


1. 5' 2''

2. 140

3. 7

4. Yes

5. Nope

6. I do have a crush but he doesn't like me back and I don't want to say his name. I always feared he might see this.

7. Alicia

8. Nope

9. I just want a small tattoo like a heart or a music note

10. Nope

11. I really don't have a best friend. It's hard to explain.

12. The dark. I always feel like someone is going to kill me.

13. When people click their pens to much

14. I don't really like my hair

15. I love my eyes

16. Single and ready to mingle XD

17. I'm insecure about my body and my teeth. I have crooked teeth.

18. Holiday by Green Day, She's Out of Her Mind by Blink-182, and Outer Space by 5 Seconds of Summer

19. I like all sorts of music. I can listen to pretty much anything.

20. 5

21. I had a dream once that I kissed Luke Hemmings. It was amazing!

22. Chips

23. Text from my church saying that we don't have church

24. I don't really have a person I hate. If I did then I wouldn't talk to them or listen to them.

25. Never had my first kiss yet.... I know.... It's sad....

26. When I was younger I was scared of those toliets that flash by themselves

27. Watch a movie at home. So we can cuddle <3

28.  Nope 

29. I went to the hospital when I was younger because I was attacked by a dog but I didn't stay there long so I guess not

30. Nope

31. Nope

32. I don't really care about it. Does that sound mean? I mean I just don't think about it much

33.  I hate them. It's not right to hate on people. They are humans and they deserve to be happy :D

34. I hate that too! Animals deserve happiness too! They didn't do anything to you so you shouldn't do anything to them

35. When I was in Kindergarten I had my first crush. I was so sweet to me and I think he even liked me back. On Halloween I remember we were waiting to go home and we were laughing at something stupid. That is all I remember but it made me happy :)

36. Oklahoma. I live here and I can't imagine living anywhere else <3

37. Greg

38. Gabs, Gabby(it's short for Gabrielle), Gab-Bones(that is what my grandpa use to call me before he passed away), Sister(my brother calls me this), and Lou Lou

39. I had a dream where I was about to get eaten by a giant spider.


40 is up to you guys. If you have anything else to ask please do :)


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