Triple agony!

by , Tuesday May 23, 2017

When does it end!

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If you happen to follow Indian culture and affairs recently,the contentious issue of Triple Talaq is on a front-burner.For those who are not aware,it is a process of dissolution of a marriage after the husband pronounces "Talaq" word thrice either orally or through written means.It is protected under the Muslim Personal Law also called "Shariat".On the face of it,it is outright regressive,misogynistic and an undesirable practice,something which should find no place in a modern,democratic nation such as India.


While proponents of this act in its defence point out that since it is part of the shariat or the personal laws,it cannot be banned (although blatantly admitting that it is undesirable)and any changes in it   will be equivalent to an infringement of their prevailing laws and will presumably fall under,well "ANTI-RELIGION","COMMUNALISM".


Which leads you to the very question,how can such a practice be sanctioned and allowed to be misused when it is leading most of the people into distress .Young,old all have suffered the agony while it continues to get  immunity from the so-called guardians of the religion who see everything from the prism of failth vs non-faith.


Indian History has seen many acts of similar nature (highly misogynistic,patriarchal) being done away with,notably dowry,sati pratha,widow remarriage which was an attempt by some of our great men to purify Hindu religion of such evils.If it can happen then,why not now?Why cant legal ways following the constitution be applied in this case?Fine even when adhering to the religious personal laws cant some changes be done to devise a better way to dissolve a marriage which is acceptable to both parties?


It is time we rise over cultural and ideological differences and seek a better life  for women of our society and fight against not only Triple Talaq but any such malicious acts followed in any religion.



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