My Favourite Movies About Writers


Over the years, writing has been portrayed through films in numerous ways. The industry, iconic writers and the process behind the occupation have all been bought to the big screen time and time again, be it through a Stephen King horror, or a classic coming-of-age story.  Whether you’re blogger, aspiring novelist, or a journalist, this list’s for you.


If, after reading this, you feel inclined to watch one of the films on the list, and head to the internet to acquire the film, it’s in your best interest to first get a decent VPN for torrenting.


Almost Famous


This one tops the list as it’s one of my personal favourites. Almost Famous follows William Miller and his pursuit of being a rock and roll journalist. While writing for small, local publications, William finds himself in the position to go on tour with a band and write an article about it.


The film proceeds to depict the life on the road for touring bands, the relationships formed and the struggles of such a lifestyle. It’s a true coming-of-age story sure to inspire any music or writing enthusiasts.


The Ghost Writer


The Ghost Writer is a fantastic thriller which centres its plot around a ghost writer, played by Ewan McGregor, who is hired to finish the memoir of Britain’s retired Prime Minister, Adam Lang. Lang however, is in the middle of a political crisis, accused of criminal activity.


With that said, and the previous ghost writer having died in a suspect-looking “accident”, McGregor’s character soon finds there’s some dark, sensitive material involved with the book. Placed in direct danger, The Ghost must uncover the clues left by the previous author and battle with the responsibility to tell the truth and protect himself.




A film about adapting a book for the screen, Adaptation is perfect in its portrayal of the writing process. The film is written by Charlie Kaufman and is about how he, himself, struggled to adapt Susan Orlean’s book “The Orchid Thief” in real life.


Nicolas Cage plays both Charlie and his twin brother Donald as they struggle to create the screenplay. The brothers reach out to the author of the book, connecting three different writers. With the 3 clashing personalities, the film is an amusing, and accurate, look at how personalities translate on to the page and screen and how the intricate writing process affects this.




The late Phillip Seymour Hoffman gave an Oscar winning performance as Truman Capote in Capote. The film follows the story of Capote and his writing of “In Cold Blood”, a novel about the gruesome murder of a Kansas family.


As Capote carries out research for his novel, he gets increasingly involved with one of the murderers, which creates problems for his project. The film shows the complicated relationship between writer and subject. It is this challenge on journalistic integrity, and the following consequences which make for such a great story.




Stephen King, archetypal horror novelist produced every writer’s worst nightmare with his book Misery. The film version of the same name is a terrifying, gruesome depiction of a crazed fan and the madness involved with writing.


After romantic novelist, Paul Sheldon, is in a car accident, he is found by a nurse (also his number one fan) and taken back to her remote cabin. There, he finds out his fan isn’t entirely sane. She keeps him hostage in her cabin, forcing him to write parts of books to her liking. Paul’s saviour turned crazed and obsessed capturer commits torturous acts in order to force him to write. Misery is a dark but nonetheless interesting take on writing, subverting the common trope of writer’s block, where instead the author is forced to write with a knife at his throat.


Barton Fink


Barton Fink is the result of the Coen brothers struggles during the writing of Miller’s Crossing. The brothers wrote the screenplay in three weeks, portraying the horrors of Hollywood and the harsh reality of screenwriting. The film is a satirical but dark portrayal of what pursuing a career in screenwriting may entail, including writers block, deception and death.

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