I am up to the challenge, life!

by , Sunday May 21, 2017
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 I am up to the challenge, life!

They're leaving.

The words echo in my brain. That's it. The end and the begining of something I don't think I'll enjoy. This is me riding solo.

My heart fell when I heard what my mother said.


"Please, be a nightare or something." That was all I could wish for. I waited patienly for it to end, but it never did. That was when I realised that I will never wake up from this. This was real life.


My only two bestfriends are both leaving forever. Each one of them to a different country. The only people who know my darkest secrets. The only people who know about my attempts to lose wieght by starving myself or making myself throw up. The only people who know about all this voices in my brain telling me to hurt myself and last but not least, the only people who new how to stop me from doing these things.


Just when I finally learnt how to get a grip on my life, it collapsed, but that's not the end. I don't give up. I will  try. I will fail. I will try again. I will repeat this cycle until I either succed or die. I will fight this. I am up to the challenge, even if there are no teammates helping me. I am winning this battle. Show me what you have. Bring it on! I am no more scared of you.

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