Basically i deleted my Tumblr account because no-one followed me on it, plus I never used it anyway. On here, you are all more friendlier (Yes, I've seen the comments on my stories!!!) so I'll just blog on here instead. It probably won't be as regular as my story updates.

Anyway, that's not why I came on here, finally. It's because I need some help with some stuff.

In college, there's this boy I always chill with at lunch and stuff, but sometimes this really dodgy person (who I'll call M,) comes with us. I used to be friends with him, but stuff never quite worked out, and it was a really bad friendship.

When I was friends with M, he fell out with my best friend (Who I'll call Don) and kinda made me fall out with Don too. M then made me do mean stuff like throw food at him without me really realizing what i was doing. I realized, after a while, that it wasn't a good friendship, and basically ditched M. I hung round with a few different people for a while, then patched things up with Don. m must have sorted things too, because he comes with us sometimes, and it seems M and Don are O.K again.

I said I'll be happy to re-start the freindship with M seeing as he seems nicer now and I'm hanging round with him more, but i now feel like it isn't right somewhow, and it feels sorta uncomfortable. It dosen't feel like the friendship me and Don have. I'm not sure if I made the right decision when I said I'd re-start things with M. I'll be polite and nice to him, obviously, but I don't want it to end up like last time.

What should I do about M?

Please leave suggestions in the comments!!

Bye for now,


PS: i know that this may seem a little petty seeing as I'm 17, but i don't want to get into something i can't control. And M sometimes seems VERY dodgy, sort of..

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