A cup of tea

by , Sunday May 14, 2017
 A cup of tea


Is Caffeine really a wizard that can turn you into a night owl

or it is just a myth that we "muggles" just happen to believe??



I barely know the science regarding this, so I chose not to go abyss and look for the answer within the span of our archetypal life!
I would prefer to be upfront about the fact that I personally don't believe in infamous "Caffeine Power."
My daily routine is evident enough for the unflinching stance of mine. You see, I have been a night owl for quite a long extent, from a very tender age for that matter. I recall myself, a class five student, staying up till Around 3 in the morning while everyone in our home and even the neighborhood most likely to be sodded in their sweet dreams. All nighters were like child's play to me. The streak of being a night person is going on tenaciously well.
I do admit that it started with a cup of tea on my side, in my evening snacks. I did believe that a cup tea or caffeine for that matter actually possesses "a ring to rule them all" or at least ruling our bedtime because mommy said so!
But soon the stem of that belief began to shiver and finally uprooted completely.
Because, all-nighters kept on churning out more often and astounding enough, without flowing a single shred of tea coffee, whatever you name it!
Even sometimes back-to-back cups of tea make no difference at all.
So I surrendered to a new notion that,
we do what we believe and we are mended by our beliefs! I loved it and let it sprout on me!

We simply believe that a cup of tea will rejuvenate us and we will be wide awake!
When it actually happens we are bound to believe in the wicked caffeine power.

But what happens when the expectation and reality are not heart-to-heart?
The holy idea shatters and the evil caffeine gets exposed! Thus, it becomes clear that caffeine is no way the wizard but our beliefs!
The quote elucidates it better -
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
And I think you won't mind if I improvise
"So does belief."
So let's belief!!

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