Second Life, Second Chance

Inviting you to read my story entitled: "Crimson Liberty" A story about power and surviving a new and deadly life after a phenomenal occurence resurrection.

The second chance to be alive gives you a lot of chances. But bestowing a second life isn't just as simple as waking up to find another day shine upon you, it is a matter of once in a lifetime journey that you are blessed with.

For every simple matter that happens in life we live eah day, we come to realize mistakes and reflections. Then we live another day and discover another one and another one and another one. Every time life gets to be spent, the more we start to grow and become a person we never expect it to be. But once this life is over, there's no way we can change what we let others know about us. You don't know if there's still a way back. 

What's our reason to be alive in this world?

Do we know why we're even here?

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