Things For You To Get To Know Me

by , Thursday May 11, 2017
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Things For You To Get To Know Me

Things About Me

There is alot of things about me that are good but some bad. Lets start off with me saying Hi my name is Vicki Johnson. I'm 14 years old, I'm in 8th grade I play basketball and run in cross country. This is my last year in jounior high it was fun in the begging but then I started to push people away near the end of this year. Oh yeah I forgot I push people away it's just what I do, some just go away by themsleves without me having to push them away. People say that I am over dramatic and that I over react on things well that isn't true I'm just depressed and they know it but they don't want to beilive it because well they just don't care about me, that is why they are no longer in my life and to be honest it feels pretty good without them in my life. The reason I say that is because they would try to get me into trouble and one of them wants to say that I'm a slut. But that's not true becasue I never had sex with anyone I never slept with anyone and all that stuff because I don't do that. And she wanted to joke around and say that she is preganet when really if she was I woulnd't feel bad for her because of her sleeping with people and having sex with people over the age of 18 when she is only 15. And if you read this "friend" then oh well you deserve to hear the truth because if it hurts well like the saying goes "the truth hurts."  The reason I push people away is because it's my right if I don't want you in my life then yes I will push you away and never et you back into my life. If you are just going to hurt me then I don't want you in my life. Over the past 2 years I lost people that I really cared about and I'm not talking about my so called friends I'm talking about my family.

Well that was the end for this page on my blog. Comment what you would like to know about me and I will write more about my self or if you don't want to comment anything just hmu in my inbox and ask questions. Any question you ask I will write about or unless you want it to stay between you and me.

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