Bookish Facts About Me

by , Wednesday August 9, 2017
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Bookish Facts About Me

Bookish Facts About Me

I've been here for two years and never introduced myself...

My two-year anniversary of this account is today and I am still yet to make some kind of introduction than whatever you can find in my bio. Since I just wrote an introduction post for my blog, I thought I'd post it here, too. I have decided to do the Bookish Facts About Me tag, something which I believe originated in YouTube. To make it more personal, a lot of these facts will also be writing-based.


Let's begin!


1.  I have wanted to be an author since I was seven years old

2.  I became interested in writing because my teacher gave us spellings to learn as homework. We had to put them into sentences but I wrote short stories

3.  The first book that made me tear up was ‘The Bunker Diary’ by Kevin Brooks

4.  I have been offered a publishing contract before, but the company was charging £2,400 to make things happen

5.  I prefer writing male characters over female ones. I feel like they’re lacking in YA fiction and I like to incorporate feelings and emotions that society wants to block out

6.  I am currently having reader’s block and haven’t picked up a book in a month

7.  I only have one completed novel but many half-finished novels

8.  I sometimes struggle writing emotional scenes because I am a person who doesn’t feel emotions strongly

9.  My favourite under-appreciated novel is ‘The Death House’ by Sarah Pinborough

10.  I am part of an online writing community called Movellas which constantly encourages me to become a better writer

11.  I hide a lot of secrets in my writing that will only be noticed by my friends and family, such as addresses, place names, and the names of characters who only appear briefly

12.  A lot of my characters are named after musicians that I love. They sometimes are named after my friends’ middle names or share their surnames

13.  I don’t want to create a character based on a real person in case they find out and are offended by my portrayal of them

14.  The strangest thing I’ve researched while writing a book is how to make poison out of apple seeds

15.  I’ve never written a series of books – and don’t have plans to – but there are connections between each book

16.  Writing is something that I occasionally find exhausting

17.  If I could tell my younger self something, I would tell her to take pride in anything she wrote and stop deleting unfinished Word documents

18. I have a self-published novel which is called ‘Beauty in the Breakdown’

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