New Book! Psychopath

by , Monday May 8, 2017
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New Book!  Psychopath


When i took my heart back, i realised it was the only one you had within you.


The devil is and always will be a gentleman.

They say that the eyes are a window to someone’s soul.
But what if they are empty?

Scarlet Waters, a teenager who is being stalked down by her future husband, is slowly noticing everyone around her is dying.  Drained of all hope and clueless to her serial killer's wishes, she plays straight into a pair of loving arms.

She falls helplessly in love and begins twisting her morals to be with this man. Everything that she stood for in the past is altering and she is forced to become disturbingly submissive to this beast.

However, you shouldn't fight ten enemies with nine bullets because damaged people are dangerous- they know how to survive. 

She has one question for you:
How exactly do you breathe when your kisses are filled with pain?

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