My Latest Story

by , Sunday May 7, 2017
My Latest Story

New chapters and Upcomig Storys' 

Just a short blog about my latest story and it's new chapter, plus little hints about a ne upcoming story.

Hey Internet, 

I have just recently posted Chapter 4 to my latest story 7 Secrets Of Friendship, it is a short Chapter and it is from the point of veiw of the main charchter Aurora, took me a while to post a new Chapter since I was suffering from some writers block. The new chapter has also fast foward to when 3 secrets are already out. If you didn't pick up what the secrets where in the Chapter I will list them here: 

1. Ollie and Elsie sleeping together. 

2. Aurora being in love with Ollive. 

3. Ollie being sent to juvie. 

The next Chapter, Chapter 5 with go back a bit to just before Ollie and Elise slept together and it will contiune like this throughout the story, you will be able to tell by the dates in the name of the Chapters. If anyone has any problems with the fast fowarding or have any suggestions then please tell me I'd love to hear people's opinions. 

The idea of the cut-scenes and fast forwarding was TrueFirebreatherGirl, go check out some of her storys they are very good. 

I have recentley had a new idea for a new story, it will be a lot more inapporiate then my current one I am writing and publishing so it will be for 16+ as will have a lot of content talking about drug abuse and sex. I cannot wait to share more about it with you but for now it is gonna stay under wraps. 

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