Literally the most boring day. Ever.   ((Entry one))

Going to school, you usually think (or know) it's going to be boring. But today was So much worse than boring, I don't even know if there is a word for that though. I had my alarm set for 5:40 this morning, but I got up at 5:20 so I had extra time to kill. I then went and made coffee (I never have time to make coffee in the mornings before school.) When I was done making my coffee, I went to go and do my makeup. It usually takes me about 20 minuets to get my makeup done. After that all i had to do was eat. It was abou 6:30 by that point. I always leave the house by 7 with my best friend, so we can ride the bus to school. After that the day was a blur. But there was one thing that I liked about today. I have a crush on this guy, and we are becoming closer friends, so i was happy about that. I take a class called Pre-Ap Biology. Next year we are going on a trip to an Island called Dominica, and he will be on that trip, so I'm hoping maybe I can start something with him before then. :)) 



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