Graphic Designing Do's and Don't

by , Saturday May 6, 2017
Graphic Designing Do's and Don't

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As time passed during my first year of graphic designing, I learnt a lot of things about what could make my graphic more/less attractive. I still find out more things each day and taking each of them into account really helped me as I developed myself. So here are some general tips, do's and don't that I have compiled when it comes to graphic.



  1. Always save your graphic as a PNG so the quality doesn't reduce once you've uploaded it to your various site(s).
  2. Download as many resources, the more the merrier.
  3. Stick to the right graphic dimensions if the graphic you want to make has a set size. Like covers for example.
  4. Give credit where it's due. Like if you download a PSD of Deviantart, when you reupload it elsewhere like DA, give credit to the person who made the PSD. The person who made it to their time so acknowledge that.
  5. Make your typography visible, no one likes to see a beautiful graphic only to not know what the text says.
  6. Practice, practice and keep practising. That's the only way your skills will improve, nobody starts as a pro.
  7. Professional tutorials are one google search away, these really help you understand your program better.
  8. Learn to make your own resources because there will be times when you want to branch out and try new things.
  9. Watermark your graphics, so people know who made it and it isn't easily stolen.
  10. CC0 isn't that bad when Movellas first brought the only CC0 work can be used I wanted to stop making graphics on here in general but honestly, I've learned to make my own resources as well find some great images through the implementation of the rule.
  11. Learn to take constructive criticism. If you can't handle someone telling your work isn't that good but they give you tips on how to improve then what's the point on you making graphics. You have to learn to take a critique because it's to help you improve your work. Please note that there is a difference between constructive criticism and flat out being rude. If someone gave you a critique but they only bashed it and said rude things without telling you how to improve it then that wasn't a critique, that was just a very salty person. The whole point of constructive criticism is to help you improve and not tear you down, sugarcoating will get you nowhere I'm sorry.
  12. Have a general colour scheme. You don't need to have one at the beginning but make sure your graphic isn't just a spew of random colours. Colour schemes help convey the tone you want people to get when they see your graphic. You can't make a dark and sad graphic with a light colour scheme.
  13. Use high quality images, this makes your work look more professional.


  1. Don't use your editor as an excuse. Yes, if you use editors like Photoshop your graphics have the potential to be amazing but you can be amazing even if you Pixlr or even Picsart. It all boils down to how well you know your editor and it's tools because you can make terrible graphics on photoshop and beautiful ones on GIMP.
  2. Stealing other designers works is a huge NO-NO. Don't even think about it. This is so disrespectful because the person you stole from could have out hours of work and effort into that graphic and all you did was save it and remove the watermark.
  3. Font overloading is so bad and doesn't always end up looking great unless you're making a typography. Stick to one font max 3 (even 3 is pushing it, to be honest).
  4. Heavy topaz. Please for goodness sakes don't go overboard with the topaz especially on a photo manipulation. I'm not even going to act like I've never done it because I have. It makes your graphic look so fake and it loses its beauty. I use topaz on almost all my graphics but I don't overdo. I am referring to topaz clean because there are a lot of topaz products.
  5. Redistribute someone's resource in your resource pack, especially if the designer says not to. Like me for example, I always tell people not to redistribute my work in their packs because they're just taking away from my hard work.
  6. AVOID COMIC SANS, BLEEDING COWBOYS like the plague. Please these fonts are so cringey and almost always never look attractive.
  7. Neon colours are honestly one of the things I dislike the most when I see graphics. Epsecially green ugh. Unless it duits the graphic then please avoid it at all costs. Yeah your text pops more but it looks very unattractive.


So these are just some general do's and don't for anyone who would like to give graphic making a try. Hope you find them helpful! What do's and don'ts do you swear by as a graphic designer? 


On the next blog update: Graphic design lingo + graphic dimensions + resources

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