Zebra v. Aloe: NOT THE SAME!

I got into a legit girl fight at my school. Zebra succulent vs. Aloe Vera. Here's why.

I sat at lunch today with my friends. The girl across from me showed us all a picture of a plant she bought this week. I have been raising succulents/cacti/plants for many many years, so I immeadiately perked up. She showed me the picture and I easily identified it as a Zebra plant, or the pearl plant. I had bought one about a month ago to go with my other Harworthia. She then replied, "No, it's an aloe plant."

I am ashamed to say I got in a fight over succulents, but she clearly had no idea. I calmly pulled up pictures of my succulents. I own both an Aloe Vera and a Zebra plant, so I tried to explain they were not the same thing. She could look at the bottom of the pot and clearly say it was labeled "Haworthia".

However, she insisted it was an Aloe. To try and help her understand, I looked it up and showed her that though the Aloe Vera and Haworthia look alike, they are not the same. They are however a part of the Asphodeloideae​ family, along with the Aloe. It also explained that they are often mistaken for the Aloe instead of the Haworthia/Zebra plant-cacti/Pearl plant. I hoped that would clear it up.

She retorted she had used the cream in it twice. I was taken aback by this a bit. I was a bit horrified she had done that. I have had to tear away dead leaves, and that is just plain plant juice.

She rubbed herself with plant juice with no healing qualities.

It got pretty heated until she walked away. I just have to explain.

Zebra Plants are NOT Aloe Vera. They are family members, but not the same thing.

Treat your succulents with care.

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