AU - Create An Alternative Universe!

by , Friday May 5, 2017
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AU - Create An Alternative Universe!

Dive into the Fanfiction Subgenres

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Since the 1960s when Star Trek peaked, fanfiction has become more and more widespread. With its progress, the genre has also developed enormously. There are several different types of fanfiction, including crossovers, songfics, and AU stories.

In this blog we are going to dive into the AU subgenre and what it really means to write an AU fanfiction. We can start by defining the term AU, which stands for alternate universe. It comes from the theory that there are several so-called parallel universes - that is, while we are sitting in front of our computers with a steamy cup of tea in hand, in another universe there is a version of ourselves that is completely identical to that, except in this one that cup's content is coffee.

More specifically, the subgenre is emanated by a lot of "what if" moments where you as an author ask questions about what would happen if you changed a single thing in your original fictional universe. As an example, one could ask, "What would happen if X person did not come out for Y event?" This differs from the typical fanfiction that, rather than being in the framework set by the original author, it deals with changes in the characters' backgrounds, motives, or surroundings.


The ancient ones are some of the most common forms of AU fanfiction:

1. What we most often encounter here at Movellas is the one based on a singer in a universe where he / she is not known. The story thus takes place as an ordinary fictional story with the exception that one of the characters is Justin Bieber or Harry Styles.

2. The TV series' response to the above-mentioned AU fanfiction is characteristic of all the characters, but that it also occurs in another universe - that is, another environment or an entirely different time. These can be found in image formats as well as written.

3. The third kind of AU fanfiction follows the events of the universe on a single occasion, where the writer then chooses to redo something to explore what would otherwise have happened. If we talk about the famous love story Romeo and Juliet, you could, for example, write what had happened if Juliet had woken up in time to stop Romeo's suicide.

4. In addition to the type above, one can also create a new character and put him / her in all events in a way that the plot is still followed, but that he / she is thus merged into it all. A very popular example can be seen in the television series Teen Wolf, where several fans have created the character Stella Argent, portrayed by Selena Gomez.


In the image on the right (from hometodystopia on Tumblr) we see the characters from Teen Wolf in a 1920s environment.

So what do you need to do it?
Not much really! First of all, you should identify if you want to throw yourself in a fanfiction about famous people or one that is based on a TV series. If you choose to write about the former, it's relatively easy to get started, and if you choose a TV series, take a look at some of the options listed above.


Interested in writing your own AU fanfics? If so, keep an eye on our competitions in the coming weeks!


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