Reasons to Stay Alive

by , Thursday May 4, 2017
Reasons to Stay Alive

Reasons to Stay Alive

I'll be updating this whenever these are just impromptu reasons why I should stay alive to remind myself to stay alive when I'm feeling suicidal. Maybe they'll even help you too.

1. This website

2. Music

3. That aesthetic moment just before sunset

4. The cute boys that skate by your house

5. Aesthetics

6. Tyler Joseph

7. The taste of strawberry lemonade

8. The smell of new comic books

9. Youtube

10. The fact that I'm alive and looking through my own eyes and even though people might hate me and I hate myself at least my mind is awake and I'm not nothing and I'm conscious and living even though I might be unaware. 

11. Thrift Shops

12. Memes

13. skip this is unlucky 

14. I'm not alone

15. Human contact

16. laughing, as rare as it is.

17. Sour candy

18. The word 'splendid' 

19. Girls that smell nice

20. The ringing of a bell at a local café

21. People laughing in restaurants

22. Campfires

23. Mountain climbing

24. The sound of a skateboard on tar

25. The smell of fairs or fried food.

26: all of the great things in my life

27: my job

28: My crush

29: My online friends


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