Feelings in Writing

by , Wednesday May 3, 2017
Feelings in Writing

Do you ever wonder?

Ever wonder how writers can publish such amazing things?

Well in my opinion, writers old on young can write so well because when you write you express yourself. If you write about a love story, it might be because you want to fall in love or maybe youre already in love. If you write a horror story, you might have gone through terrifying experiences in your past. I really do love reading everybody's different stories! I love seeing all the different perspectives and ideas that people come up with, but the real reason I'm writing this blog is to give a message to all writers on Movellas. I want to let each and everyone of you that youre an amazing writer. Dont believe me? Ask the people around you. Ask your friends and family and see what they say. Dont be afraid to share your stories with the world. Because in the end, who know, you could become a best selling author! Dont let other peoples opinions drag you down. Dont try to fit in with the crowd. One of my favorite quotes say Dare to be Different. try it, see how it affects you. If anyone is ever in a rough spot and needs saving you can always message me on my profile. I try to check my account everyday. Remember, be brave, bold and DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!!!!

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