Get ZA Ready This Zombie Awareness Month!

Are You ZA Ready?

It's Zombie Awareness Month again! And that means that on the 13th May, ZA has been out for a whole year! Where did that year go? It's been such an amazing ride for me and ZA, and I'm so thrilled by the responses it's getting. And I'm glad you're all getting ZA ready.


I though this Zombie Awareness Month would be a great time to share some ZA quotes and remind you that you can read the first three chapters for free on Movellasbuy it on Amazonleave me a review on Goodreadslike ZA's Facebook page, and join my awesome band of survivors!


Enjoy three of my favourite quotes (or two as the third one wouldn't load on Movellas. You can see it on the original blog)! 





Are you ZA ready?


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