The Hunt for Hidden Gems...

by , Thursday May 4, 2017
The Hunt for Hidden Gems...

Hidden Gems and Other Stories Yet Undiscovered...

We've some stories to introduce you to that are worthy of reading



Looking for a ‘hidden gem’? Then you’ve come to the right place!


There are thousands of stories on Movellas, many of which don’t get the love that they deserve. I’ve been on the hunt and came up with six of my personal favourite ‘hidden gems’ for your reading pleasure.





And You Were Amazing by Hobie Aldrin


So I’ll start that night, right when you fell to your death.


A beautifully written and raw romance from beginning to end, focusing on how life changes throughout heartbreak.







Centuries Long Forgotten by Pianist1303


Use your gift to do something, like I never really got the chance to do.


A unique and meaningful historical story about Talia, a girl living in the late 19th century with an abusive father and a supposedly dead mother.






Lucid by FabGirl3


Nothing is certain, nothing is safe, nothing is lucid.


A fantastic action and adventure sequel to ‘Little British Girl’, focusing on the lives of Elia and her friends, now on the run after the country has fallen into chaos.








The Valkyrie Princess by Literary Scribe Tanique


In the year 2530, the world has been reformed after the deadly attack by the Kree 500 years before.


A fresh and intriguing science fiction story featuring a subtle nod to a female-dominated society and one of the cutest couples ever.







Bump in the Night by BadassJem


They aren’t real ghost hunters, but that doesn’t matter, because these ghosts don’t want to be hunted.


An entertaining story about the world’s most famous paranormal detectives whose careers are based on faking it, brought alive through the characters and descriptions.







Drowning in Air by PTamor


I am taking my last breath, but the oxygen is all around.


A powerful story of mental illness told in the form of a poem.








What are some of your favourite Hidden Gems? Leave them in the comments below!


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