Together at Last: Competition Winners!

by , Wednesday May 10, 2017
Together at Last: Competition Winners!

Winners of the Co-Author Writing Competition

We've read your co-authored stories, here's everything you need to know about the awesome winners



This competition posed a worthy challenge to the talented writers here on Movellas. What challenge, you may be wondering? Partnership. Now some of you might think this isn't very hard to do, but believe us that it is and the sheer matter of hard work, direction, and motivation are part of what make co-authored stories so amazing to read in the first place. There were many of you who wrote your heart out, and it shines through in the entries of this competitionDeciding the winners is never easy, but imagine how much harder it is when there are more than one of you who wrote an entry! Read all about the winning stories below.


Winners are receiving books and giftcards from Amazon. We hope you all had fun in this writing competition - thank you to everyone who participated.



Best Co-Authored Fanfiction

Unexpected Tokens by CarolClifford & Kierstinnn




Winners of the Best Co-Authored Story

Staring at the Sun by Prodigy & DragonSoulJess




Best Co-Authored Cover

An Angel's Fight for Love by NathanielStanley & AkilaKM




There are two worthy mentions from this competition that should be added to your reading list, these stories are going places we want to see and, in case you can't tell, we're looking forward to the next co-authored chapter.


Harsh Truths & Kind Lies by TheLonelyCakeSlice & GoToTheGalaxy



at the end of the day by Chelber & Pagan Writer





Winners will be contacted by email.

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