by , Friday April 28, 2017
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Hey guys!!!


So this isnt exactly a teaser or anything but Im back yaaaaaa horay....*Chriping noises* Oh ok umm so, Im so sorry I have not been on movellas in awhile I just have been so busy with this thing called school *Badum crash* *Silence* Umm ok so ya I have this new story coming out and its called trouble I have been writing on wattpad alot lately and once my first chaper comes out I will leave a link for you peeps so that you can read something really cringy and stupid because Im a terrible writer, and ya I will be updating on here more regularly but dont think Im going to update on those other really cringy storys.... foo foo I know but theres no point in continueing them,, My spelling is atrocious btw lol not but srsly I just got on and I saw I had 24 followers and my reaction was "HOLY SH*T ppl actually like meh crap. Mmmm but thank you guys so much.. And with that Im gonna have to say bai mah peeps 


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