Practical Hiatus

by , Thursday April 27, 2017

Future Plans and Ideas

XD I'm still alive

Hey guys, life's been busy and this is sadly my least updated out of all personal uses *excluding tumblr cause I never use it XD*. I am still working on Dimensions along with other works, and this still needs updates and additions that are already on deviantart.

Anyways I keep this short and sweet.

There will be a 

  • Dimensions content update
  • Dimensions chapter five
  • New spin off: Sven's Journal
  • Of Doves and Guns content update
  • New spin off: Cursed Dimension
  • More Of ___ and ____ Additions
  • And a random selection of Homestuck X Reader Fanfics from my DA profile

Please stay patient and I'll do the best I can to update this page.

Thank you guys ^u^



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