How We Can Help Each Other

by , Wednesday April 26, 2017
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How We Can Help Each Other

How we can inspire and encourage others.

It's almost a month that I wrote a blog about Movellas. In that time I've kept reading a Movella a day, commenting and liking as I saw fit, trying to encourage others to do the same. I've now been at it for sixty days, give or take a day. It's really easy to do as well, takes a few minutes and I hope those whose stories I've read appreciate it as much as I do when someone comments on mine. In that time I've found some marvellous stories and poems that deserve a better readership and way more likes than they have. It's a crying shame that some stories that have loads of likes are not as good as those with lower likes. Loads of hidden gems lay out there waiting to be found by us readers.

We ALL have to take responsibility for reviewing and encouraging others to write. Yet surprising few of the people on here seem to actually do that. We can all complain about the lack of reads and feedback, but who do we expect to do that? Of course it's someone else, but in reality that means us. Be truthful and ask yourself if you have read and commented on a movella without getting something back like a cc-swap etc. It's the duty of all of us to read others work, how else do we expect them to read ours ? Imagine if every active person on here read and commented on a story each day, how amazing that would be? We can make the difference BUT we have to be selfless about it. In the sixty days I have only had four people comment on my writing, although I realise it doesn't measure up to others.

I read talk about a 'rebellion'. Organising people to read work. Do we need to be organised? Do we need others in charge to tell us to do this - surely we are the masters of our own destiny. We can do it ourselves. Rebellions are all about overthrowing others, what we need is a quiet revolution where we all act to inspire others. We can easily do this. Movellas is a great place to write. What we need is to take responsibility for inspiring others to read and write.

So I'm not asking people to commit to anything, just to think. Remember when you last got a like and comment how it felt. Imagine how people would feel getting that. Happiness would spread far and wide. People copy trends on here all the time, like question of the day, please copy my #readamovellaaday and make someones day. Acts of random kindness spread goodwill.

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