3 Underrated Genres to Read on Movellas

by , Tuesday April 25, 2017
3 Underrated Genres to Read on Movellas

Underrated Genres on Movellas

Know all the genres to be found on Movellas? Here's a couple that are well worth your perusal...



Movellas is full of budding writers who enjoy reading and writing in all different genres. There are the classics like Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense, and Thriller & Horror - but many genres have little to no representation here on Movellas, and deserve to be a lot more popular, and by popular we mean read and shared with other movellians too :)



Here are three genres to read and write more of...



Paranormal & Supernatural


A lot of Paranormal & Supernatural stories are overlooked. Check out ‘Messed Up’ by IAmYourNemesis.






Non-fiction is not only the most relatable form of writing (in some cases!) but it can be cathartic to read and to write. It’s also a great way to share advice like Molly Looby has done in her Movella ‘Writing Tips.’




Plays and Screenplays 


There are less than 150 Plays and Screenplays on Movellas! Many of them are fantastic. Check it out!



Tag a movella below that you think deserves more attention!



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