Celebrities and Emotion

by , Sunday April 23, 2017



Celebrities still have emotions, they are just as human as you an me. They're just adults playing dress up for money. Would you like it if someone harrassed you on social media. Would you like it if fans answered questions for you? Leave them alone, how would  you life if hundreds of people had to know where you were 24/7. If someone hated you because you couldn't get to their tweet on twitter. If you answered no to those then stop doing what you're doing. They're human, they have lives. It just isn't all about their tv show, their band or their fans all the time. Leave them alone.


Yesterday in Barcelona, Lana Parrilla was answering a question. While she was answered she was interupted, normally she would just shake it off but it's happened so much she said something. "Do you want to answer the question or should I?" Looking into her eyes you could see she was hurt. 

Actors put on faces because they don't want to come across as weak, but they are human. They cry, they laugh, they get upset. This is the first time Lana has ever gotten angry in front of her fans and it further prooves that she's human. She's had a rough past, her parents divorced when she was three, she moved in with her dad when she was ten and recieved a scar on her upper lip by a dog attack. She watched her father get murdered before her eyes when she was sixteen. She's been through hell and back. Yesterday someone was rude and she got sick of their bs


Celebrities are HUMAN! They feel just like us. When they aren't on social media, that means that they want to get left alone. I want to meet them just as much as the next but I'm different from YOU! I see the emotion in their eyes. I see what they are going through. Lana Parrilla is just one of the celebrities in Hollywood that has been through hell and back. Please respect their emotions, respect their privacy. Leave them alone when they want to be left alone.


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