by , Sunday April 23, 2017
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i don't know anymore

this is my first blog

((this was originally a comment i left on a youtube video, it is unedited and i will show you what i said, it makes no sense but roll with it))

((P.S. don't look at this and assume things about me or judge the way i think or ramble about, this could mean nearly nothing or mean a lot, either way don't judge me i have my rights))

satan is actually considered a god and is seen as better than the heavenly one by his followers after god sent him to hell and committed a sort of mass genocide which has happened over and over again throughout history, neither god nor satan are innocent but aren't evil either, it's a very blurry line between what we consider to be bad and/or good. in my opinion, neither good or bad exists, but is just what is put in to the human mind so we can suppress our guilt and be able to freely judge others as god or satan would judge a follower or someone of such. human's can never fully understand this because of how long we've been under the thought that you are either very evil and conniving or kind and generous, this is the spell we have casted upon ourselves and it may never come undone as the cycle continues, bringing more confusion and emotions than an over active bipolar patient. we grieve over petty things and call ourselves innocent and human to use as an excuse for our cruelty and unpredictable actions. we confuse things and bend them to our will to fit out standards and understanding, to bring down to our expectations of how reality is or should be when we have no control over it whatsoever. we see ourselves as gods or kneel before those who we see as gods, we are human and that is reality, whether you look upon it in light or in darkness, it is fact and it it truth. ((i just went into full ramble mode))

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