New Stories on the way!

by , Sunday April 23, 2017
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New Stories on the way!

Hey guys so I wanted to let you all know that I do have more stories on the way. Some of them may be old ones that I have fixed up or changed completly and others are going to be stories that I had thought of but never got around to actually writting lol. The point is that I will be putting out new stories for you guys to enjoy. I am curently writting a mystery/Horror. I also Plain to write some love books, ones that tugg at your heart strings, and other differnt generas of books. I aslo would like to say thank you for all the fans that have stayed with him even if you dont really read my books that much any more because there not to your likeing thats okay. It still means a lot to me to think that you might still come on my page and check out my books or read  my blog or my mumbles. So thanks a tone to you guys. I am really trying my best but like I said in the last blog it would mena a lot to me if you guys would give me some ideas as well. Like if you'd like to see more of a certain book I wrote or you would like to co authot on a book with me. Anything really woud be a great help to me honestly to me!


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