Mystery (The Rewrite) (English Version)

Casting list

~~ Francisco Lachowski as Aiden Gonzalez

~~ Barbara Palvin as Lexi Matthews

~~ Jensen Ackles as Henry Gonzalez (Aiden's Uncle)

~~ Matthew Noszka as Drew Cutcher

~~ Jordan Barrett as Marcus Laurens

~~ Milo Lachowski as Luca Gonzalez (Aiden's Godson & Henry's son)

~~ Alexis Ren as Hannah Prewitt (Marcu's Girlfriend)

~~ Nicola Anne Peltz as Lucie Daniels

~~ Alex Lange as Matthew Prewitt





Story overview

Hidden in the depths of Britain's largest countryside lies a military base inhabiting over a thousand children and teenagers between the age of four and nineteen. Their best recruit, seventeen-year-old Aiden Gonzalez, is coming to realize that finding someone he cares deeply about isn't always a fairytale. Lexi Matthews just wants a small shred of normalcy back in her life but is having to come to terms with the fact that it won't be happening anytime soon.





"It happens sometimes. People say they'll come back and you believe them, believe that they wouldn't intentionally leave you. I guess they didn't get into the accident on purpose. But, God, I wish they just wouldn't have promised me anything before they left."

"People are broken. You can be the most straight-edged person on the planet and still be broken. That doesn't matter though, no one cares about the story of how you became damaged. At the end of the day, it's how you pick yourself back up again that counts."


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