A Dark Audio Story to Listen to: The Vloodmir Vampires

Another Audio Story is emerging from the Darkness...

Here's more about the writer Victoria Raven and her magically dark tale The Vloodmir Vampires



Gosh, this is odd. I’m not used to writing something about myself like this . . . Yes, this is certainly odd.


Allllriiiiight, less than five sentences in and I’m already rambling. Okay, let’s get the basics down. I’m Vicky, an avid reader of fantasy, sci fi, and adventure novels. I love to write (obviously) and I’m addicted to anime and manga as well as the Japanese culture. It’s just got such a rich history with so many interesting figures and ideals to understand.


I’ve also got two life goals: 1. Become a criminal barrister; and 2. Become an author.

Well! I can now tick off number 2!


That’s enough about me. I could go on for hours about how I got into my long, long list of fandoms, but I think not.


The Vloodmir Vampires


This is a novel I managed to write in about a year, and 75% of it was proofread in a month. I was very impressed by how fast I managed to proofread . . . The whole concept of this idea had been in my mind for a while, I was inspired by the Tsar’s rule in Russia, pre-1914. Learning about the Tsar’s autocratic rule and the revolutions (there’s waaaay too many of them) made me want to write Historical Fiction. But I didn’t do that, because I didn’t want to do Historical Fiction per say. I’m into Fantasy novels. And thus, Vampires wanting revolution came into my head!


But I needed help, so, I enlisted the help of my best friend Basically-Nobody here on Movellas to help me!


She actually helped create the main cast. For this series, I wanted character personalities that I hadn’t written before. I really wanted to challenge myself. I think that helped a lot for me, it allowed me to attempt to understand them better, and she gave me a tonne of videos to watch to help me understand the muses she'd given me.


For that, my friend, I thank you.


And thus, the writing process began. I poured myself into that series with everything I had. I spent endless Skype calls debating on character deaths, plot twists, and ideas on how to carry on the novel. I spent even more time complaining about how much I had to write. I’m not going to lie, many endless Skype calls to DragonSoulJess and her badgering on at me to proofread – that I will never forget – managed to get me through a lot of it.


It was not a fun process, it was a long process, but it will be forever rewarding.


If you want to write – do it. Never be put off by the length of your chapters, the length of the novel, or paragraph length. You are creating your own world, you are a writer. You don’t always need to follow the rules of English Literature. Stay unique, be original, and happy writing!


Thank you to Victoria Raven for writing this blog as well as the movella Vloodmir Vampires

Prepare to see this story in audio format come this May!

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