The Many Genres Found in Fiction

by , Thursday April 20, 2017
The Many Genres Found in Fiction

The Many Genres Found in Fiction

And there's a lot of them that are Audio Stories too...



There’s sooo many genres out there… so many that I don’t think I can name them all. But perhaps I should try.


The focus of this week is Movellas Audio Stories, and your fellow Movellians have showcased a wide range of genres within their writing that's coming to Movellas in audio form this month and next month. Within these Audio Stories we have everything from Romance, Mystery, short stories, fanfiction, to fantasy… I could go on until I’m blue in the face to be honest. But picking a distinct genre can be a hard thing to attach to the flimsy first ideas of plot that you first have at the very beginning of writing.


So let us rattle off a few genres to you in showing the diversity within writing, as well as what can be expected in Audio Stories on Movellas. Hopefully it will make the decision of what to write on just a little bit easier for others too, and help build on the excitement we all have in being able to listen to these different genres as Audio Stories.


First off, and because I’m a bit biased here, we have Fantasy.

Most of the stories I’ve written, including ones that have been made into Audio Stories, have fallen under this category because it’s just fun to pluck mystical ideas from your head and immerse yourself in an imaginary world. This genre can cover anything from vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches and wizards, mermaids, to Gods and monsters. I could rattle off creatures until the end of time. Of course this category has its subgenres too: Fairy tales, Magical realism (a realistic view of the story but with some fantasy elements thrown in there), and Medieval Fantasy, to name a few.


Then there's Science-Fiction.

These are stories which deal with an imaginary concept of futuristic science. Think of high tech worlds, flying cars, and aliens. Subgenres include Steampunk, which draws upon designs drawn from 19th century steam-powered machinery. I would think of this genre as a step between a fantasy world and the real world, where you make up some things, but draw on the science that we all know today.


When you think of mystery, you think of Sherlock Holmes don’t you?

I know that I certainly do. These stories are the who-done-it type. The ones where a crime or a series of crimes need to be solved by a detective or a regular citizen. Usually, there’s the series of clues, the suspense, and the tension. These are the stories that get me on the edge of my seat nearly one hundred percent of the time. I didn’t even know this but one of the subgenres is called Cozy Mystery or Cozies, where sex and violence are downplayed and the crime takes place in a small community. You learn something new every day.


Then we have Romance.

These are also being called lovefics in Audio Stories and rightly so. These are the stories that get you all warm and fuzzy inside by the romance portrayed between characters. Candle-lit dinners and walks by a sunset come to mind when I talk about these. Subgenres include inspirational romance, paranormal romance, and historical romance. Basically stick romance on the end and you’ve got another exciting genre.


We have the fanfics with everything in between.

Most of us have either written or read fanfiction in our lifetimes, and I know that I’ve done both. These are the stories where we don’t own the plot, but we develop on an already existing storyline. This means that anything can happen with characters that we already know and love. Love bands? Well fanfiction has you covered. Love Harry Potter? Fanfiction has you covered too.


Short Stories are a genre as well.

These are the stories that I find incredibly hard to write, despite their short word limit. They are the stories that are typically 5,000 words but can be a bit longer or shorter if the writer so wishes. I didn’t know this but they emerged in reminiscence of old oral storytelling traditions, so there’s a history lesson for you. They focus on one self-contained incident and features all the techniques of a novel, just in a smaller space. Short stories can also encompass any of the genres previously noted.


The ones that make you leap and throw the book, Horror fiction...

These aren’t just limited to films, they are in stories too. Typically they're focused on supernatural elements like demons, ghosts, and other creepy things but they can be non-supernatural also. Characters will constantly go through the fight or flight instinct and the readers will too I should think. Think of camp fire stories and the stuff of nightmares and you’ll conjure up what goes into Horror fiction.



I’ve just named seven genres, but there’s many more out there and they all intermingle with one another in some wonderful ways. Believe me, you’ll find all of them and more within Audio Stories which leaves us super satisfied with what you get to listen to on Movellas. 


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