More about the Writer: Prodigy

by , Wednesday April 19, 2017
More about the Writer: Prodigy

Prodigy and her Collaboration with Movellas Audio Books

A blog talking about this author whose stories you'll soon be able to listen to in audio format!



If you’ve been following the Movellas blog lately, you’ll have noticed the announcement of the exciting new Audio Stories! Involved in this project is Prodigy, ambassador on Movellas, author of four of the stories included in the Sony project, and author of this blog *waves*.


Prodigy started writing on a whim. She kept writing due to motivation from some questionable sources such as boredom, procrastination, and avoidance of real life problems. Somewhere along the line, Prodigy realized that she was putting an awful lot of time and effort into this procrastination, but, as with most things, couldn’t be bothered to stop. And thus the distraction turned into a hobby which turned into a passion and has now become… something considerably real.


Funnily enough, this is also how many of her stories tend to go. They begin on a whim - a brief snippet of an idea, a character that gets stuck in her head, a line of dialogue, or even an atmospheric feeling that needs re-capturing and re-imagining - and then develop it into something real, sentient, or at least mostly corporeal. Sometimes these things have a plot. She often hopes that the plot will come about on its own because, really, plots are slippery creatures and why bother trying to wrangle one when your characters just might lure one in for you? She doesn’t have the patience to plan or the organization to capture one beforehand.


Anyway, as legend has it, "Love to Hate" was born during the commercial breaks in the final season of Parks and Recreation. In an attempt to avoid thinking too hard about the fact that such a glorious show was ending, Prodigy took to her laptop, wrote some words, slapped them onto Movellas, and was prepared to forget all about them and move on with her life as if it had never happened. This was a perfectly fine plan, if it hadn’t been for the Movellians, who, with their honeyed and encouraging caps lock, demanded more. And who was she not to oblige?


And so the story of two high school boys turned from a chapter to a sequel to a trilogy, into a book . For anyone unaware, "Love to Hate" is her most popular Movella, following Cyrus and Hayden, seniors in a prestigious Pennsylvania boarding school. Thrown together as roommates, Cyrus and Hayden seem like opposites - Cyrus is guarded, quiet, and cynical while Hayden is outgoing and carefree. Nevertheless, this story and the following two - "The Long Run" and "Just Push Play" - find Cyrus and Hayden forming a fast friendship and leaning on each other to overcome the personal barriers they’ve carried for years.


While this series is the one that Prodigy has read and re-read and edited and re-edited for almost a year now, there is another story of hers being included in Movellas Audio Stories. It’s right off the assembly line - as in Prodigy literally finished writing it about a week before it was due. This story is "Carpe Noctem," which, for those who insist that Latin is a dead language, translates to seize the night.


"Carpe Noctem" features the classic summer romance novel setup: boy and girl are neighbors, boy and girl become friends, boy and girl experience summer, boy and girl… Well. That’s about where the cliché ends. This perfect heteronormative set up is of course messed up by the characters - specifically Hana, who fears that her aromantic nature will ruin her friendship with Sebastian, who is *gasp* a boy. As society has taught, romantic relationships - specifically of the heteronormative sort - are the be-all, end-all of life, and Hana just isn’t about that. But, well, Sebastian was never interested in being normal, and he makes it his mission to open Hana up to all kinds of possibilities that she's never noticed before.


Prodigy hopes that what readers will get from her stories is the unifying theme of diversity. She has made an effort to include characters of all sorts of identities and races. So far, in this project alone, there are gay, lesbian, pansexual, asexual, and aromantic characters, as well as a non-white lead in "Carpe Noctem." All these people and more exist in the world, and representation is not only important, but also makes for far more interesting stories, in her opinion. One day, she hopes to write every major identity in one of her stories.


Something else that ties all of her writing together is music. Though not every story incorporates music directly like Love to Hate does, Prodigy refuses to write without music. In fact, she spends far too much time (procrastinating by) crafting a playlist for each story in attempt to capture the feel of the story the same way a movie soundtrack might. With very little prompting, she will willingly publish and share these playlists with whoever asks, hints, or makes vague hand motions that could indicate that they are the slightest bit interested in maybe hearing a song or two. Basically, she considers music the ultimate in storytelling - compressing an entire story into just a few minutes and putting it to a nice beat is “just wow.”


In short, Prodigy is more than honored to be included in this project, though she still has a hard time seeing herself as an author. Really, she is just some vague entity who sometimes writes words that make some sense and occasionally form a coherent thought or two. Regardless, she will do her utmost to represent Movellas well in this, and is very excited to do things like write more words.


Additionally, she feels a large debt of gratitude to all those who relentlessly demanded more words and more updates in the early (and late) stages of her writing. Without that encouragement, these stories wouldn’t exist, and Movellas Audio Stories wouldn’t involve her, and this blog wouldn’t have ever been written. So Prodigy thanks you, this blog thanks you, and somebody else somewhere is probably thanking you too (you just don’t know it yet). If there’s anything she can help you with, any burning questions you’d like answered that relate or do not relate to writing or the aforementioned stories, or just any menial chores you would like her to do, then please speak up! She is very willing to help, but can’t hear you if you whisper.


In conclusion, being involved in Movellas Audio Stories and writing in third person are very fun things, and Prodigy has you to thank for them both. She is currently in the background jumping up and down and waving her arms trying to yell thank you, but this third person impartiality isn’t acknowledging her. Ah, well. You get the message, right? 


Thank you to Prodigy for writing this blog (and a lot of other cool stories you should check out) as well as designing the banner

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