Carve the Mark Competition Winners

by , Monday April 17, 2017
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Carve the Mark Competition Winners

Winners of the Carve Your Mark Competition

We've read your heart-wrenching stories, now let us tell you about the winners!



This writing competition was launched in celebration of Veronica Roth's newest novel this year, Carve the Mark. There has been plenty of controversy associated with this latest book and, as it turns out, there's also a bunch of really good stories that were written by all of you on some of the same themesThe majority of entries were stories of love, power, and betrayal, often taking place in socieities that differ from our own in all the worst ways... Choosing the winners was a difficult task but we have them here for you all to check out.


All of the winners will receive copies of the new book Carve the MarkWe hope you enjoyed this writing competition on Movellas - thanks to those who took part with their writing and cover-creating.



1st Place

The Queen of Hearts by Morgy




Runner Up

All I've Got by Leesa Crakon




Best Cover

Carve the Mark - Alternate Cover by Spongebobninja☕️




We have two honorable mentions worth reading from this competition, these are stories that have gotten off to a great start and are in need of an update *hint hint* now that the competition is over because we definitely want to read the next chapter...

Newtal by Smudged Bandit



SPLITS by Unicorns_armpit





The winners will be contacted by email.

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