To Hit Back or Not!

by , Monday April 17, 2017

Army vs Troublemakers

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Interesting right!Choice of words.People around will take no time to brand such staments as hyper,ultra(some even calling fake) 

nationalism if you consider India s socio-political development over the past 3 years or so.

Cow, anti-nationalism, Freedom of Speech have dominated headlines of India s news papers like never before,But a time comes where one should rise over political,ideological,maybe religious differences to take a stand when it comes to country's pride and reputation of people who guard its hostile borders.

A recent video clip from the troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir has emerged where a group of army soldiers(also called jawans) were being heckled and assaulted by a group of local youths(who I guess have embraced unemployment and idleness and are very happy in its clutches) while they were passing by  a street.The video, undoubtedly will make the blood boil of all like-minded countrymen who hold Indian army in high regard.The video shows the extraordinary restraint shown by emotionally uncomplicated group of soldiers who despite being subjected to such level of humiliation,maintain their cool and composure.

Well,maybe its the training and the ethos which makes them incapacitated.Otherwise,with a assault rifle in their hands,it is very easy to fire back in case of such a boorish behaviour.

India is a democratic country and people have their views on all critical issues.Army presence in kashmir is also one of them,It is true some section of army have committed atrocities in the past and such acts need to be condemned and punished.There was no ambiguity in that regard.But seeing such images of saviours of this great land getting ill-treated,makes you helpless.You wonder if this is the way nation reciprocates to their unrelenting service,what drive to they have for continuing the duties. becomes imperative that all of us cutting across languages,states,political affliations speak in one voice against this deplorable act and make people realize what a normal jawan has to go face in a hostile environment as Kashmir.

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