by , Sunday April 16, 2017

Movellas is dead..... So let us make it great again.

I know a lot has changed since a couple of years ago. Some people moved to Wattpad and some just left! I know you are all looking at the title and saying "why is it called Make Movellas Great Again? Didn't Trump make Make America Great Again?" well, yes. But if Trump can win being President with that saying can't Movellas win with this saying? We can make it great like it was back in 2015 we just got to come together and help out. There's a lot of you that I know want to help Movellas become what it was back then and I do too! 


The first thing I think we should do is to write more. I know a lot of people on here are not proud of their writing skills but neither am I! But I didn't give up and now I have some movellas that I'm actually proud of. If you need help on thinking of ideas then come to me. I always have some ideas and we can talk it out. Get that writer's mind working.


Next thing is to enter competitions. Skye and the rest of Movellas work hard on those so we should at least try to make a story for it. I try at least to enter a cover if that is an opinion. And if I'm a little braver a movella. Even if you don't win at least you tried right?


Next, we have to think about the users. I think some people think that no one sees them so we have to show them that we do! I know that will be hard but if you see a user that has no followers follow them. You never know. They might surprise you :)


I don't want to believe that Movellas is dead. I know we can make it alive again. We just have to all come together and work together.


No more of those laughing at those people who writes fanfiction. I read some of the comment on the Harry Styles competitions and it didn't sound that friendly to me. But I won't bring in much discussion into that because I don't want to get hate for what I say,


So..... #MakeMovellasGreatAgain??? 

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