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by , Saturday April 15, 2017

Past Stories

Most of these stories are on Quotev

Hey guys! You all are about to get some incredible stories coming in really fast. At least fourty, but most of them are drafts due to the lack of inspiration and only a few got selected as the popular chosen ones cause people actually read them. I will be rewriting them as well to make them better and fix a few parts where it doesn't make sense, but they'll be here and ready for you to read when I'm done!

I'm encouraging you all to judge to your hearts content and hey, if you want to join a story and be a co-author next to me, that would be fantastic!! Just write a comment down below on the specific story you want to join in on and I'll get you on as soon as possible. Though the major rules are:

  1. You may add Ideas but write them on the "next chapter" space below so I may review it first.
  2. These stories were all mine first and until you have actually invested yourself into them like me, it is not your story.
  3. Work on the story and think of ideas, write em' down if you must whether you're at a computer or not.

Nothing bugs me more than someone mooching off of stuff and just slapping their name there to get readers or become 'popular', because it's not going to work. If they see that you have also written on the story, they'll expect some type of writing almost the same as the one they were reading. Be careful.

Thanks for reading this and let me know your thoughts down below, doesn't take more than a few seconds to inspire someone, compliment them, or judge them friendly-wise.

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