Twenty One Pilots Theories.

by , Friday April 14, 2017
Twenty One Pilots Theories.

Have you ever wondered.....

What things go on in the Twenty One Pilots band members lives? Things like is Jenna a cover for Joshler? Is Jenna a part of Joshler? Is Blurryface really part of tyler?

These questions can be answered. 

Our first topic will be about JENNA. And JOSHLER. 

I have asked around on several social medias if any one had any questions about Jenna and Tyler or Tyler and Josh. The amount of questions where unbelievable. I have pulled some of the most asked questions and compiled a list for you all. 

TOP Questions

  1. Is Joshler real?
  2. Do you think Jenna is part of Joshler?
  3. Is Blurryface real?
  4. Why does everyone believe Blurryface is a part of Tyler Joseph?
  5. When is thier next album coming out?
  6. Is Tyler Joseph gay and in the closet?
  7. What happend to the other 19 Pilots?\

Yes these are some questions I have unfourtunally been asked. I will anwer only a few. Thus because number 5 is something I have yet to find out. 7, is just some people being smart asses - exuse my french- and 6 is part of 1 and 2. So to break it down I will be answering the following:

  • Is Joshler real?
  • Do you think Jenna is a part of Joshler?
  • Is Blurryface real?
  • Why does everyone believe Blurryface is a part of Tyler Joseph?

As some of these questions seem Biased. I will do my best to answer with facts. Remember if you have a theory just message me or comment. 


QUESTION 1 - Is Joshler Real?

I have gone through both of the men's social medias and seen their body language throughout thier pictures. With 23 hours of research under my belt I will give you the answer, YES. Now before you rush to the comments and tell me I'm full of crap, I shall share some of this research with you. 

RESEARCH 01 of 10

Tweets of each other.

This was the most recent tweet about Josh that I found on Tyler Joseph's page. Now you may be wondering what this has to do with Joshler. Well, as studies show if you post something about someone on Socail Media without much reason it is because that person is on your mind so often that you finally had to talk to someone about them. No one asked for Josh Duns hieght yet Tyler Joseph found a need to tell everyone on twitter what it was. 

Why did this crazy lady put this up here? I bet you are asking yourself that right now. Well, I just think it's cute. Josh put heart eyes on Tyler. Tyler has 'googly eyes' for Josh, a very couple-y thing to do. Don't you think? Clique?


That is a snip of a post I am working on. Hope you stick around to see the full thing. 

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