Being New To Movellas

by , Friday April 14, 2017

And feeling very nervous!

Hello everyone, this my first blog post here on Movellas. I hope you do keep reading.

I've known about Movellas for a few years now but hadn't really thought about making an account until I saw the app on the App Store on my iPhone and decided to give things a try. It was a fast download and my account was made in seconds. I have loved writing stories and poems from a young age and my dream is to study Creative Writing at University and hopefully get a book published. Now at the age of 18, I have decided to keep writing for a teen fanbase but instead of writing really short cute romances all the time (they will be coming back), I have plans to write LGBTQIA+ stories with Obvious being my first full one that I have planned to write.

The goal for all of my stories are simple. I like to write characters that are coming of age and learn important lessons in life. But not in a textbook format. I might base characters off of people in real life that I know or fictional characters in TV Shows and Movies. I have a ton of stories planned to write here and I'm scared about posting online to be honest. I'm a book blogger and I'm always nervous when it comes to writing and uploading a blog post.

I do hope that you stick around and follow me since I also write Horror stories, Historical Fiction and my personal favourite: Writing stories in diary format. I have written in this format many times before and used to keep a diary. So if you can relate to that, we should be friends!

Any questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise, have a great Spring Break and stay tuned for uploads!

Alice xx


PS, Alice is my real name, I don't write under a pen name.

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