Prescriptions are no joke...

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I'm seeing some greedy little fool post ad after ad about how to buy prescription drugs online without prescriptions. I hope everybody is smarter than that, but I know that there will always be the few that think "if I took these drugs, I might lose weight", somehow thinking that weight defines the person you are.

It doesn't!

If you're overweight, the way you deal with it defines who you are. First of all, long before the film, television and modeling community told us what was right, full figured women were not only the norm, but anybody NOT like that was considered to be sickly. But that's all besides the point. Taking drugs that were not prescribed for you is STUPID!!!! There is a reason for prescriptions, and that is to prevent harm to the body. Either imminent harm or long-range harm.

Is kidney failure at 30 worth skinny at 15? How about cardiac arrest? How attractive do you think you'll be if you have to excuse yourself from a dinner-date to go empty your colostomy bag?

Please ignore this worthless fear-monger that posts this ridiculous crap! If you're beautiful inside, in the way you treat others, in the way you handle adversity, in the way that you carry yourself, then you'll be exactly what the right someone wants. If you're none of these things, drugs won't fix that. All they'll do is kill you so that the few people that do love you are hurt.

Feel free to flame me for this, but you all needed to hear this.

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