About me and my stories

by , Thursday April 13, 2017
 About me and my stories

About my Stories

(Not suitable for young audiences)

The stories i write that involve sex, will always use correct terms.Like, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say these things in a blog but i'll change if im not, I'm pretty blunt when it comes to sexual things. So I won't avoid the word "Dick" or something like that. So when you read, don't be like shocked if you see that at all. That's all i really have to say about that. Other than that have fun reading my stories everyone.


About me

I'm pretty sure i'm bipolar. So if you see me posting random depressing things and talking of suicide. Then please do ignore me because i basically have mental periods(Not trying to offend anyone) But it's like a monthy thing that lasts about a week. So that's just a forewarning about that. Other than that i'm a pretty chill guy. I do love roleplay so if anyone's interested then you can message me(However that works XD)

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