Hi there!

by , Wednesday April 12, 2017
Hi there!

Introduction of me

This is sort or an introduction of myself, I promise I am intresting

Hey Internet, 


  I do already write a blog so I will leave the link to that at the bottom if you want to check it out. I guess I shall start with introducing myself, I am Dizzie. I joined Movella ages ago back when I was in highschool and I thought it would be fun. It was but I was such a bad writer. So I deleted everything as I am so ashamed that I even wrote those storys. Anyhow I decied to give this story writing thing another go; and now I come back to movellas to find out it now has a blog part of the sight. Which is amazing for us who arn't the best at story writing and are more comftable with a blog. Anyway thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy the things I write and have a good day :) 


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