People Are Dumb [RANT!]

by , Tuesday April 11, 2017



Y'know, high school is a pretty okay experience when you're in a lot of clubs and you're a part of a lot of cool things, like plays, sports and stuff like that. When you do your work and get good grades, you get some pretty cool rewards for it. What isn't fun though, is the fucking people at high school. Every. Single. Fucking. Person. At high school is petty and immature. Even I get to that point. But then again, I personally feel like I was forced to grow up a lot faster than most people my age because of the horrible experiences I went through in my life at such a young age. So I often find myself feeling like 90% of the people around me at school or dumb, immature, and don't know how to appreciate the things they have.

The biggest thing in high school is drama. Unfortunately, I don't mean Theatre/Drama class (though, that is really fun and I highly recommend it lmao). I mean the annoying, petty bullshit that people-- mainly females-- seem to go through a lot in high school. You know: the yelling, fighting, blaming, etc. etc.?? Yeah, that shit. When it comes to me, I do get pissed off pretty easily and quickly. I will call someone out on their tone of voice with me, their bad attitude, and their pettiness. If you're being way too much of a bitch to me, 8/10 times I'm gonna say something to you about it. And that's mainly because all through middle school, I'd just sit there and take it. I'd let people bully me and take advantage of me. Yeah, I'm tired of that and now I refuse to just sit there and let it happen.

Something I'll never do, though, is physically get into a fight with someone. If you wanna sit down and talk about it like civilized human fucking beings, then sure, I'm always willing to do that. But I absolutely refuse to engage in physical contact, unless it's like a hug once we've resolved everything. I strongly believe that communication is key. If you're just gonna be a petty little bitch and sit there and let the problem get worse, then you're automatically deemed immature in my book and it's a waste of my time to even be talking to you at all. Because obviously, you're not willing to try and fix the problem. In the end, I'm always willing to talk it out. 

I also strongly believe that in a lot of cases, people need to fucking SWALLOW THEIR PRIDE and take blame for the shit they've done-- whether they think they're right or not. Even if you think you're in the right, it's better to keep a friendship than be a stubborn asshole. Apologize and make up, even if you think the other person is wrong in the situation. Because in the end, IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER. In 5-10 years, NONE OF THIS BULLSHIT IS GONNA MATTER. Right now, though, what does matter is keeping your friends. And if you're the type of person to talk shit behind other people's backs, name names on social media, and put the blame on EVERYBODY else, and is a giant fucking hypocrite, then you're gonna leave high school with no friends and everyone hating you. That's not how you want your high school experience to end AT ALL. 

Another thing! If you're the one being a bitch and causing problems for a friend, and that friend comes to YOU and apologizes to YOU, you don't fucking IGNORE THEM! You could, oh I don't know, ACCEPT THEIR APOLOGY?! TALK TO THEM ABOUT THE ISSUE?! NOT STAND THERE AND DISREGARD THEIR EXISTENCE?! 

Communication is key. Maturity is vital. If you can't be mature and talk your problems out with your friends, and instead sit there and let the problem get worse, then you're not a good person to be around. If you're not able to take blame for at least SOME of the wrong things you've done, and you're just blaming everyone else and shit-talking all of your friends, then you're an extremely toxic person to be around. If you can't do this one simple thing, then the real world is gonna be really fucking difficult for you. Ignoring a problem never helps, and adding fuel to the flames won't do anything either. Take the fucking initiative. Trust me, it does wonders to be the first person to say/do something, especially before anything gets worse. Your friends are important. Don't make high school a shitty experience for yourself. 

Rant over. 

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