How to get more followers

by , Friday April 7, 2017
 How to get more followers

Just some tips I've learned on how to get more followers on Movellas.

Let us be honest here. It is hard to get followers on any site. I've been on Movellas for almost over 4 years now and it took me 2 years to get where I'm at right now. So here are some tips I picked up over the years.


1) Be nice

You guys probably already know this one but I just wanted to put it in just in case. Being nice to your followers makes them feel comfortable around you.


2) Talk to your followers

One thing I like in a person is someone who asks me about my day. I try to talk to my followers as often as possible. When I know I can't be on Movellas I mumble why so people at least know.


3) Followers as your characters in your stories

I don't know why but I love to add some of my followers as characters in my story. It really makes it special I think. 


4) Follow back

I know some people don't follow back all their followers but I do. A lot of people worry if they will get a lot of notifications by following a lot. I follow over 3,000 people and I get at least 20 notifications every day. Maybe a little more but that is it. Besides I like to follow people. I'm weird like that....


5) Do something meaningful with your followers

There are so many things I use to do with my followers. I use to make up games and do question of the days. I might bring back some things.


6) Give your followers a name

I've seen some people give their followers names. I use to call mine 'lovelies' but stopped. I might bring it back but I mostly call them 'guys' XD


7) Switch up your writing style

I like to switch up my writing style some. And no. I do not mean write stuff that you do not like to write. If you aren't a 5sos fan then you don't have to write it. I just mean switch up the genres a little. Like I write mostly 5sos or 1D but I want to start doing Supernatural and The Walking Dead. Maybe even some Romance and something like that. Do all the things you love and be original!


8) Switch up your profile

What I like to do is change my profile pic and background up a bit. Sometimes I even make a theme. Like right now I have like fun and colorful things. I'm not trying to say change it to something you don't like I'm just saying change it up a little and show another side of you!


9) Welcome newcomers

I remembered when I finished came on here. No one really welcomed me. So I try to welcome as many as I can because I know that would mean a lot to that person :)


10) Be you

I know it is hard to be you but no one can see how amazing you are if you aren't you! You need to make stories you like and mumble even if no one comments! People will follow you! You just need to show them you are the kind of person who deserves to be followed and I know you deserve them! 


11) Co-authoring

Co-authoring on some movellas is a best well to get to know someone and think off a whole new story together.


That's all I can think of. If you have any comment them below and also comment if any of this help. Some I don't think made sense so if you have a question about one let me know. I'm not good with describing things XD

-Gabby aka Beautifully Music Nerd

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