My New Book

by , Friday April 7, 2017
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 My New Book

Winter's Little Sister.

This is about my new book. In case you wanted to know more about 'Winter's Little Sister' I have chosen to write a blog. This is my first blog so please don't write mean comments or judge me.

I know that Isla isn't actually Winter itself, but I wanted to think of a sutible nickname that young Sophie would think of for her heartless sibling. The characters are not based on anyone specific in real life and any coincidences that make these fictional characters similar to real people are purely that, coincidental. I am quite interested in diaries and the information they contain that the writer doen't even realise the inportance of. Some of these pieces, like 'The Diary of Anne Frank' turns out to actually be really useful in the future. This is the main thing that inspired me to write this in that form. Of course Anne Frank was a real person but I still love the style of writing. Another inspiration was the people around me, most of which keep diaries. I don't personally write a personal one because the thought of people reading the things in my life on a page is personally daunting. 

Spoiler coming:

Isla and Sophie both live in a fictional world, Encomthia (en/COM/the-a) (syllables are separated by /, sounds by -) and live on the island Cocumnat (CO/come/nate) which is Coculian (CO/c-oo/lie-an) for 'Island Home of the North'.

Sophie is inspired by the current young children who are stuck in warzones and are in constant danger. Although the fight between her and her sister is not an actual war, I wanted to bring to life the struggles that some young kids face on their own. Her slight rebelious streak is also inspired by real life, the peaceful protesters that are currently not an unfamiliar sight. In a mixed-up world, there are so many desicions that people disagree with. and now, people have come to fight against what is wrong.

Isla is a symbol of all the wrong desicions that could be changed, if we all stood together to change them. I wanted to make a book to inspire people. It is up to you whether you do anything about it.


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